I'm both a fitness nut and a glutton. You could say that I work out like crazy just so my body can afford the fat and calories from pigging out! If you're wondering about my 'toon avatar on the left, it's of a character who's capable, confident, and not afraid to make an ass of himself. But, I'm much better looking.

Just ask Tess.

 Restaurants featured on my blog typically have something good goin' for them that piques my interest.  But on occasion, I'll review a total disaster of a restaurant  because friends dragged me into the muck.  Bad reviews tend to bring out the best in people, as evident in my Sushi Deli 2 review (check out the comments).

I don't pretend to be a know-it-all when it comes to the culinary arts, but I do have high standards and I know what is well executed and what isn't.  Furthermore, presentation and ambiance may matter to a lot of folks, but all I will focus on is taste, texture, service (if applicable), and value.

Enjoy the food porn!