Friday, August 31, 2007

Birth of a Food Blog.

For centuries, Man has been stuffing his face with food and drink. As the availability of food increased, so did his appetite. The Romans ate for pleasure, often regurgitating a meal in order to prolong a feast. Fast forward to the Middle Ages, then hop over to the Renaissance where Aristocrats, gentry, and the well-to-do overate themselves simply because they could afford it. Thin wasn't quite yet in. Flash to the 21st century and look around. Clearly, Man has not lost his voracious appetite. In fact, he is hungrier (and fatter) than ever!

With such an abundance and wide variety of available food, we are now more prepared than ever to commit the Fifth Deadly Sin--Gluttony--correctly. Gluttony isn't about having a penchant for food. Nuh uh. Far from it. In "The Screwtape Letters," C.S. Lewis suggests that gluttony is also wanting something EXACTLY our way and in EXACTLY the right amount. A glutton is quick to note imperfections and demands to be pampered.

All too often I hear people around me declare their love for food, but it saddens me to watch them gorge on McTrash, frequent the same (crappy) restaurants, and worst of all be too lazy to find and/or commute to better dining establishments. With my blogging counterparts Sarah, Kirk, The Captain, and Elmo I shall help direct readers towards The Light!

Enough talk.
Let's eat.

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Unknown said...

Yes I agree with your views. People nowadays constantly eat because we can't find anything better to do. The appeal to food is overwhelming that not even the high costs will turn us off.

The problem with eating at the same "crappy" restaurant is that I for one don't know where the good restaurants are at. It's usually passed on by word of mouth. So hopefully you'll have a NEW restaurant for me to try out every week. I demand perfection!