Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Dining

I have some tasty posts planned right after I face The Moment of Truth next week. Seriously, there has been way too few posts on here and I gotta make up for lost time!

I'm reorganizing my To-Dine list, which is...quite an extensive list. I wish my wallet and waistline could afford them all. If things go well next week, I should be able to. teehee!

One thing is certain, though: Xmas dinner at Addison. I've already made my reservation but they said they'll have to get back to me concerning my photography equipment. So keep those fingers crossed...

I've also started examining a few New Year's Eve options. A lot of restaurants have something going on. To list a few:

The Oceanaire
Four-course prix-fix with eight choices for starters and entrees. That means you and seven other guests can each have something different! Oh man I'd love to photograph that event. Of the available entrees, I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I want lobster thermadore, duck breast (w/ foie gras), or dugeoness crusted seabass. Then again the bigeye tuna also sounds good...

Also, If you guys remember Cpt Jack's review, these guys have a pretty sweet oyster bar that I intend to check out.

The Prado
Three-course prix-fix. The menu can be found on the link I provided. I have very fond memories of this place tied to my years as an undergraduate, so I always consider it as a restaurant for any event. Good place for lunch too if you have a date in Balboa Park ;D.

Blue Point Coastal Cuisine
Three courses. Menu on the link. Again with the seafood and oysters! Cpt. Jack had a pretty good experience here as I recall. Now to decide: Ahi duo vs. pan seared scallops (same item as from Jack's post) vs. the lobster crusted seabass. Damn I hate choosing.

If they are open for dinner, then it is for sure another contender. Charlie has had some really great things to say about this restaurant.

Obviously there are a gazillion more restuarants open for dinner or offering special menus, but to list them all right now would distract me from work. Oh wait...this post already did! I'll try to slap on a few more on here, but so far these are just a small handful of choices running through my head. So hard to decide on one...

As always, I welcome suggestions, opinions, etc.


Charlie Fu said...

I am incredibly sad that I did not go to Ad Hoc 2 weekends ago. They are closed on Sundays. /tear.

Roger said...

Aww it would have been great to see another post of Ad Hoc on your blog. Soon as I get some more wine education, I'll make my way up to Napa too!