Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pier Burger

First, a shout-out to a certain blonde yoga-pants-wearing someone who spurred me into reviving the blog: Thanks chica, I've forgotten how fun this was.

Let me tell you...the commute from Thousand Oaks back home to LA is no fun during peak hours.  I'm usually spared this torturous experience since I leave well after traffic has died down, but today I had the luxury punishment of leaving early.  As I closed in on the 405/101 junction, my BP was perilously high so I said "fk this"and went to go hang out in Santa Monica until the freeway cleared up and I regained my sanity.

After some shopping to cheer me up, I dragged my hungry stomach over to the pier to make it even more hungry.  Found this at the pier and felt like going on a gastronomic adventure:

How many of you have passed by this place without giving it a second thought?  Come on be honest now.  Been on the pier a bazillion times and heck...I've never even seen Pier Burger until tonight. Was that hungry.

Ordered the Double Pier Burger and small fries. No photos this time, but I'll update in the near future.  "God what a terrible post. No photos? Seriously man?"  I know guys.  I'll update it, don't worry.  For now, please refer to Pete's blog for photos.

For a fast food burger, this was just tits.  Fantastic sear on the patties, which gave a slight crunch to go with the very solid oomph of beefiness--something you don't ever get or associate with fast food burgers.  Meat was perfectly seasoned to enhance the sweet mineral notes and subtle funk.  To top it off, they were incredibly juicy despite being cooked to well-done.

Equal attention was given to the buns.  Pier Burger used a springy, moist, and slightly sweet potato bun that complemented the beef quite well.  Very fragrant. Very good quality.  Meat to bun ratio was perfect.  Buns were toasted too, as they always should be.  None of that Red Robin cold bun bullshit.

The spread Pier Burger used was almost like the In-N-Out style, but thinner and a tad more sour.  I liked it.  Worked well with the beef's rich juices.

This is no rival to my #1 favorite SoCal burger (25 Degrees, Huntington Beach), but they are in different burger categories anyway.  As a fast food burger, this one's a big winner.  Better than G Burger in La Habra, I dare say, and leaves In-N-Out (which isn't that great to begin with, but is the gold standard for many people) in the dust.  Definitely coming back again.  Maybe this time with a date.  Saw too many couples on the pier.  #ForeverAlone  haha naw I kid I kid.  All Roger needs in his life are desserts.

Pier Burger
330 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Charlie Fu said...

That's a hell of a drive!

Kirbie said...

Welcome back to blogging!!! Horray to the blond chica that got you back into it. Also I'm kind of cringing that you're reading my old posts. hehe.

Roger said...

Charlie, yeah it's nasty. I bring sweets in the car to keep my spirits up lol. Eating a pie in traffic isn't as messy as it sounds.

Kirbie, you've got two years worth of entries that I missed! :D

caninecologne said...

Yay! Welcome back to the blogosphere! Looking forward to your future posts!

Roger said...

Hey CC! I'm still catching up on what everyone's been up to in the past 2 years. Ya'll have been very productive.