Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uncouth Gourmands

Hola! New posts are going to start rolling in soon. In the meantime, scope out Uncouth Gourmands, a new food portal that has popped up in LA. Ran by three playful and media-savvy ladies, this is sure to become a big hit. What's even more awesome is the fact that the growing UG network spans across America! Searching for good eats in major US cities has just been made even easier.

Yes, I am fully aware of this thing called "Yelp". I am not a fan of Yelp. My reasons are many, so if you truly are curious about why I'm such a hater, just e-mail me and I'll send you an essay response.

Soon to come: Celestino or Drago Centro, possibly Pie & Burger, Afghan Palace.

Lastly, I've been cleaning up the blog layout and decided to scrunch up the blog listings into two links: LA/OC and SD. While I would love to proudly display the work of all food blogging enthusiasts on my home page, it can get rather hairy. Sorry folks!


Charlie Fu said...

going to drago centro with me roger?

kevinEats said...

UG is hardly new--they've been around for quite a while now.

Roger said...

Mmm true, but those three are picking up the pace.

Roger said...

Oh and Charlie, it might be a possibility!

Celestino is a 85% likelihood for upcoming family gathering. Drago depends on October sales.

Josie said...

The blog community is so small here! I love that you know KevinEats! We're working really hard to build something special and, most importantly, functional to the user. I'm so glad you're a part of it! There's so much more to go. I don't know you, but I feel like I do. ;-)

Can't wait to hug you,

caninecologne said...

welcome back to blogging roger! missed your posts! :)