Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beverly's Best Bakery

Beverly's Best Bakery is run by Carmela and Carmen Cella and specializes in gorgeous wedding cakes. They also make "Specialty Cakes" which I guess are decorative cakes for just about any occasion. But, the purpose of my visit wasn't for their cakes. There really was no reason for me to buy a huge cake anyway. I just wanted to pig out on their delicious pastries--eclairs, scones, cookies, brownies, cannoli, cheesecakes, etc etc.

It's been awhile, but I do remember buying two large double-chocolate cookies, an eclair, a New-York Cheesecake, and a brownie. The cookies were still warm when I bought them, so I just HAD to eat 'em right then and there. The others I brought home for a photo-shoot on my mom's good china. (DON'T TELL HER.)


Brownies from Beverly's are richer and more chocolaty than the ones from Extraordinary Desserts. They also get big points from the addition of thinly sliced almonds (stuck on by a thin layer of ganache). As with all good brownies, these were of the perfect thickness and consistency. It's pretty amazing how so much chocolate flavor is packed in here while still retaining some fluffiness. I know I said in my previous post that I don't like overly sweet desserts, but I make an exception when it comes to brownies and chocolate cake...usually. (Ew. choco lava cake from Roy's.) Brownies here aren't sugar-bombs, anyway.


Oh my eating this eclair was just orgasmic. The dough was light and delicate like that of a good donut but was still sturdy enough to hold up the cream filling and thick layer of dark chocolate on top. Each bite contains a near-perfect ratio of dough, chocolate, and cream filling. I had to scoop out some cream with my finger since I'm not all that into sweet cream. Plus, doing so helped to create a better balance of flavor by letting the chocolate come through. Did I mention I <3 chocolate?

The cheesecake I bought is not pictured. I think I might have eaten it while driving back home... I might have also eaten another item on the way back, but I don't remember. Oh and the cookie I ate while buying the rest of these goodies was fantastic--warm, soft, with slightly melted chocolate chunks buried in the dough. Awesome.

Beverly's Best Bakery
3020 Brea Boulevard
Fullerton, CA 92835