Friday, April 11, 2008

Pacific Beach Bar and Grill

I finally caved and joined my friends on their bi-weekly visit to PB Bar and Grill where there are weekly specials and discounts for food-n-drink. On Thursdays, drinks are half off (most expensive beer runs up to only $2.50!), pizzas are $5, and appetizers are either $3 off or half off. I suppose that's a good enough reason to scope out the place?

There are some pretty damn negative reviews and comments concerning PB Bar and Grill online voiced by a majority of the nice folks who bothered to post their opinion. Most of these complaints revolve around the unsanitary environment, sh*tty crowd, mediocre food, and bad service. Reading all these complaints were what initially discouraged me from going...but curiosity still got the better of me. I had to see for myself just how bad it really was.

As expected, most of the "dining" area is dark. But not dark enough to hide the wet, sticky floor, sticky tables, and greasy chairs. Okay...I can live with that. After all, I grew up eating from street vendors in Taiwan. Now our what a piece of work she was. Vulgar, sarcastic, and even had the gall to call me a "son of a bitch". Whatever, hoe. Maybe that's how service is like in establishments where nearly all the patrons are various forms of 'bags. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm sure most are nice people (some were, I admit). So we have our uneducated douchebags, old 'bags, sleezebags, and hoebags.

Okay fine. I shouldn't judge people like that...but this really will be your fist impression of the crowd if you go at night. What did bother me, however, were these creepy old dudes trying to score some drunk college-cutie ass. It was gross. These old 'bags weren't even from the same party. They were just individual PoS slithering around trying to find a crunk girl wasted enough to lose 150% of her judgment.

Not my kind of crowd. Don't get me wrong, I'm not badmouthing or looking down at the patrons...I'm just sure ain't the type of people I associate with.

Funny how some guys brought what seemed like their dates here last night...of all places. The ladies looked just miserable eating Thursday night's Pasta Special.

Enough of that. Let's check out the food here.

Garbage Pizza:

Pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives, and tomatoes.

Looks okay, right? Not too shabby for $5. Sure the cheese was somehow inconsistently burnt, and the dough was extremely bland and plain, but the ingredients are fresh, sauce is decent, and you really can't complain when it costs a meager $5 for a small/medium pizza. Best item of the night.

Spinach Dip:

The dip was served with a basket of unremarkable and slightly stale tortilla chips. It's kind of neat how a sourdough bowl is used to contain the spinach dip. This appetizer actually tasted better using bread instead of chips. But, the dip is nothing noteworthy and was a bit sour for my taste. Could be that I just miss the great dip from ESPN Zone (my high school hangout!).

Irish Nachos:

The original price for these "nachos" (and all the items mentioned above, for that matter) is quite unreasonable. $8? Puh-leez. It's just potato chips with melted cheese and a scant 1.5 tablespoons of bacon bits. The discounted price seems a bit more appropriate. How's it taste?'s potato chips with melted cheddar. Nothing to write home about. It's just something to snack on absentmindedly as you drink with pals.

The myriad of bad reviews/comments directed at PB Bar and Grill all have valid points, and were very accurate. If you are in your early 20s, bored, craving greasy mediocre food, willing to put up with annoying waitresses, able to stand unsanitary dining conditions, and open minded enough to accept the various types of 'bags that make up the crowd, well...this is your place.

Surprisingly, this place is actually decent for brunch. (According to some fellow SD Bloggers)

Pacific Beach Bar and Grill
860 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109


Anonymous said...

I was there recently. Not impressed. I like the Irish nachos at Callahan's in Mira Mesa better.

Roger said...

Yeah I really don't see why people keep going there. How can places like this be popular?!

Thanks for the heads up on Callahans. I'll pass the word to my buddies.

See ya at the mixer at the end of the month!

j. yoon photo said...

d-bags with hotties.

just classic :D

Anonymous said...

You probably won't believe me but here goes...

One night in October, 2008 my sister invited me to go to this bar with her and her friends and I accepted the invitation. I had remembered this bar as sort of "beachy" and a place to get a cheap drink. When I got there I was sort of disappointed to see that they now had go-go girls dancing on boxes and a lame dj playing music not appropriate for the bar at all. I wish I could say that was all I had to complain about.

About an hour into the night I am standing by the bar and I feel something on my lower calf, like something was grabbing me. I thought it was some dumb guy on the floor grabbing at my leg (the people there are that weird). The next thing I see is a rat climbing straight up the pillar at the bar next to me. I then realized that this rat had just used my leg to hoist itself up onto the bar. I almost threw up. My friends were screaming. It was so disgusting.

So I ask for the manager and I tell him what happens and he tells me "we don't have rats here" and I say "well you can tell me whatever you want but a rat just crawled up my leg and ran to hide in your wall". I ask what he can do for me and he says he will get me a gift card. Yeah, right, like I am coming back to this place? I gave it to a bum outside.

On another occasion, I had a friend who was eating at this place once and a rat ran under the table underneath her.

I am filing a claim with the BBB.

Roger said...

Holy cow, Jsnow. I do believe you, though. The place is just filthy! Thank you for filing the claim with BBB. We need more people like you to play an active role in taking down bad businesses and raise awareness.

Tip of the hat to you, sir. (Or madam)

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