Monday, August 11, 2008

Studio Diner

Was sorting through my portfolio when I found some RAWs from Studio Diner. No idea how long they've been lost. Captain Jack has also done a writeup on this place.

Not a very exciting photo, but hey I tried. There were so many damn SUVs in the front blocking the diner. Next time I'll try shots at 3am instead of 12.

Lobster roll. Order it. You're looking at a real treat. The frozen fries are pointless and only detract from the main event--6oz of lobster heaped onto a crispy roll!

In other occasions that I've been here, I've had their Count of Monte Cristo, strawberry shake, onion rings, and Blockbuster Combo Platter. The Monte Cristo is something I recommend you share. Heavy batter and oil gets tiring very quickly, but is delicious nonetheless. Strawberry shake was the best I've ever had. (Ditch the straw for your spoon) Beer battered onion rings were terrific. Could actually taste the beer! Neat-o. Nothing really spectacular about the Blockbuster Combo Platter though.

A better write-up of this place is soon to come. I've been making some real sloppy posts these days...

Studio Diner
4701 Ruffin Rd.
San Diego, CA 92123

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joanh said...

yum.. lobster roll.. have you found any good ones in LA?