Friday, August 1, 2008

Joe's Pizza (Santa Monica)

Wow this has been a crazy summer. Haven't had a lot of time to organize my photos and thoughts to post on here. Boohoo. Like anyone really reads my humble little blog anyway...teehee!

Somewhere in between the partying, smoking, shopping, screaming at my dysfunctional family, and job searching, I found a pretty solid pizzeria in Santa Monica while hanging out.

Joe's Pizza hails from the East Coast and has quite the celeb following. They've got pictures across their walls of Hollywood celebs having a slice of Joe's pie. I have never eaten pizza outside of California so I can't compare West Coast Joe with East Coast Joe. It would be awesome to hear how the two locations compare.

We bought a whole pepperoni pizza (8 slices/pie) and being the glutton that I am, I ordered a slice of their white pie:

Caution: Sharp edges

I think I was expecting too much when eating at Joe's, especially after seeing all those Hollywood endorsements and reading all the buzz on the 'net . Food was great, but certainly not worth the high prices and definitely not reflective of all those endorsements. Though who takes Hollywood celebs seriously these days anyway? :P

The pepperoni pizza is very comparable to Bronx Pizza's. Both have a crispy crust that'll tear up the lining in your mouth, but Joe's tastes a bit better. Sauce was real similar too. All in all, a good pizza...but certainly not worth $18. I've had better.

<3 Cheese <3

White pie seems to be a very popular item at Joe's, and with good reason. I don't care if a slice costs $3.50. It was GOOD. See how much cheese there is?! If you love cheese, then buddy...this is the pizza for you. The drizzle of olive oil on the pizza further enhances the taste of mozzarella and (correct me if I'm wrong) ricotta. Despite it being 1-2pm, orders for white pizza constantly came in. I must try Bronx and Luigi's for a comparison.

I think the prices at Joe's are way too damn high, but if you're in the neighborhood and don't feel like eating at one of Santa Monica's many fabulous restaurants, then hop on over to Joe's Pizza and buy yourself a slice of awesomeness. Yes. I mean the white pie.

Joe's Pizza
111 Broadway (@ Ocean)
Santa Monica
310.395-9222 OR 310. 395-9220

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