Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mmm martinis

Life or work got you down?

Have a drink. Or a couple. Hell, I've been averaging about six shots every night in the past week and a half. Mostly in the form of martinis. The half-finished one above is one of my favorites:

1 part vodka
crushed ice
splash Lillet Blanc
lemon twist

Easy to make. add alcohol, ice, stir or shake, then garnish with the lemon twist. I'm still working on how to keep the twists curly. Mine always start off gorgeous n curly and then begin to unwind after a minute or two.

I also really like:

6-8 parts gin or vodka
1 part dry vermouth
crushed ice
splash olive brine
"tipsy" olives

- I like to use gin for this one, but vodka also works. Tipsy olives = olives soaked in vermouth for like over a week. They taste GREAT.
- Alternatively, you could also use the vermouth you use to soak the olives in to replace the olive brine+vermouth.
- If the 'tini is too dry for you, just add more vermouth. A nice "smooth" balance is about 2:1 but I like mine real dry.

Don't shake or stir the martini in ice for too long else you wind up with a watered down drink.