Saturday, January 9, 2010


No one probably checks here for updates anymore, but no doubt some loyal patrons to 5dS have been wondering about the lack of reviews, news, and food porn. Well folks, it looks like I have to close up shop for now until I can get back on my feet. 2009 was pretty rough with all that sacrifice and budgeting but it'll get a helluva lot worse this year. Woohoo.

My most luxurious treat these days? A $3 brownie from Beverley's Best Bakery...consumed over the course of a week and a half. Indulged once a month. Sure was hard kissing San Diego and Eclipse Chocolat g'bye since fuel costs are no joke anymore. On the upside, I'm getting plenty of exercise walking to the supermarket and to the mall.

(Will, if you're reading this, I'd like you to know that I dream of your desserts and truffles at least 2x a week. That ain't no lie... Sweets have always been my one and only comfort....)

What about those restaurant pig-outs and fine dining? Well, once a month, I take me and my brother to East L.A. for a few .80c $1 tacos on E. Caesar Chavez Avenue where Clayfu and I went for a taco crawl. (Took two separate trips in order to try every stand, cart, and truck.) How glamorous.

Sure I can blog about what my brother and I whip up in the kitchen. After all, we are pretty damn good cooks. But, ya'll would just get depressed at our new 1 1/2 meal a day + 2 snacks lifestyle. I'll spare you. :P On the bright side I can see my abs again due to the forced dieting. Feels/looks like my undergrad body once more! Forget the washing machine, dirty laundry can just roll around on the abs.

All praise the sub-1800 calorie diet. And this is on top of my weight training circuits.

My fellow food bloggers, I really really miss reading up on your latest eats, finds, and going-ons in life. Haven't been visiting ya'll for so long because...well, damn-it. All your posts get me ravenous for things I cannot afford right now. Ah man I'm gettin' all teary eyed. ARGH! In any case, keep up the great work documenting all the good eats. Lord knows luckier folks could use a delicious meal or snack to cheer themselves up in these bleak economic times.

Future updates will be from archived photographs and notes prior to my current plight.

To borrow a phrase from my fav. Winnie the Pooh character...

TTFN! Tata for now.