Monday, June 21, 2010

Dim-sum catch-up in Taipei

I'm baaaaack! No. Just kidding. But in the meantime, here are some photos to drool over. Can't believe I never posted them after Xi Men Ding...and of course any Taiwan related post requires a shout-out to the lovely Miss joanh, author of internet sensation The Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei.

This set is from a quick catch-up w/ my father's college pal's family near the Taipei train station. It was actually an ambush, really. They wanted to set me up with their daughter. What a cutie! But sorry, girl, Roger is taken!

Quick shots in jpg_small, ISO 800. Not all dishes are pictured....again. G'damn I've been slackin'.


I want to see this every time I walk into my kitchen.

Dim-sum ain't dim-sum w/o shumai.

That's duck.


These come in various fillings of your choosing--shrimp is my fav.

Too tired to write more. Those of you who still swing by here, thanks for your continued patronage. Another photo set from Taiwan coming soon!