Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Pasta fans rejoice!  Get your fix at Celestino.  The place is run by the Drago brothers.  No doubt you've already heard of the rave reviews given to their restaurants.  Now here's another one to tack on to your to-dine list if you're around Pasadena.

I must apologize for the mediocre photos.  Not my usual quality of work.  This was all hand-shot without a tripod in very poor lighting.

Fried Mozzarella:

Battered and fried cheese is always delicious.  Fancy fried cheese is doubly delicious.  Can't go wrong ordering this starter.  What?  Did you just mutter something about calories?  Shush.  Just do it.

Jumbo Scallops w/ Cannelini Beans and Sage:
A very hearty and satisfying appetizer.  Will probably fill you up if you are a light eater.  Textures were great.  Beans had enough 'tooth' in them.  Scallops were spot-on.

Black and White Tagliolini w/ Scallops and Saffron Sauce:

Yeah it looks plain, but actually the pasta packs a huge whollop of flavor and aroma.  This was a personal recommendation from Charlie (clayfu) and I'm going to slap on my seal of approval as well.

White Truffle Linguine:

$24+ special of the night.  Worth it? Fuck yeah.  Any truffle fans want to give me some high-fives?  This was such an intense dish that palate fatigue set in a third of the way in.  Enough truffle and umami to short-circuit your brain's pleasure center.  What I especially enjoyed was how long the taste and aroma lingered in my mouth even after swallowing.  As good as this special was, I strongly suggest splitting it.  About half-way through your plate, I promise you won't even taste truffle anymore.  Wasn't kidding when I mentioned fatigue earlier.  I was going back and forth between this and the Half-moon duck ravioli to maintain my sensation of taste and smell.

Topped all this off with a sorbet trio.  Nice and refreshing after all that cheese and creaminess.

Absolutely fantastic pasta.  I know I didn't make a convincing argument, but come on guys.  I haven't made many bad calls over the years right?  Definitely my #1 dining option if I'm in the area.

Celestino Ristorante & Bar
141 South Lake Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101