Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where'd Roger go?

Yikes. The past two weeks and the upcoming three are going to be the most intense weeks I'll have at UCSD as I finish off Round 2 of midterms and prepare for finals/graduation.

Got a lot of backed up posts coming up: Salo Salo, Luigi's Pizza, some Mexican Bakery, and something else.

To those attending the small get together tomorrow: See ya soon! It's gonna be fun. I apologize for not changing the date to Saturday so that more people could possibly make it. I've just been completely swamped with school and entertainment was the least of my concerns. Sorry y'all. :(

Break's over. Back to the exciting world of neurobiology....

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Darlene said...

Hi Roger--

I won't be able to make it Sunday night. A lot of work stuff that I need to catch up on. But keep me informed of other gatherings.

BTW: My brother also went to UCSD to study neurobiology. That was a few years ago...