Thursday, September 18, 2008

UCOP Inquiry

It has come to my attention that the University of California Office of the President has been probing this blog for information concerning the BIBC 103 post I made awhile ago. I want to take this opportunity to declare my intent for that post.

I have never posted academic material from BIBC 103 on this blog. What I offered was a chance for undergraduates to learn from my lab-writeup mistakes. I had originally planned on offering my labs in the form of digital media and provide tutoring over phone or instant messaging. However, I ultimately decided that tutoring in-person would be far more effective and rescinded my original offer. Students who wanted help with their first upper division lab were required to contact me for tutoring. The labs have never been available without first meeting me in person.

As many of the academic crowd know, composing a scientific paper for the first few times is a very daunting task for students who do not even know where to begin. Often, they fail miserably. Though no student has contacted me via this blog for help as of this date, I wanted to guide these first-timers through the process because I personally had a tremendously difficult time when I took this course. All UCSD lab write-ups are required to be submitted to Thus, the possibility of plagerism has never been an issue. My goal has always been to help students understand and become familiar with the proper formatting, depth of content, and general content outline required for writing a scientific paper.

The original post I made offering my guidance for BIBC 103 has been taken down for the time being. If the UCOP has any questions or comments whatsoever, feel free to contact me via email. I would like to discuss this matter in the open and be involved in your inquiry as to speed up the process and more importantly, demonstrate that there has been no breach of the UC Academic Honesty Policy.

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