Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Man Bakes Cupcakes

Been having a wicked cupcake craving since October that hasn't been satisfied yet.  Walking to my car last night after dinner at Baco Mercat, I saw a very unglamorous storefront with a fat display of cupcakes.  I was so full that even dessert didn't look appealing to me, so I only bought one.  Under normal circumstances  I would have purchased like six of them. minimum.

Triple Berry

 Each bite you take contains a generous amount of plump blueberries, and as if that wasn't enough, the moist tender cake gives off an intense berry aroma to flood your mouth with fruit.  The icing is also very noteworthy--thicker, richer, and less sweet than fancy cupcakeries'.  My only complaint is that the crumb is not fine and delicate enough.  No one asked for my opinion, but I think they should dry out the blueberries a bit more so the 'stronger' crumb isn't required to give the cupcake sufficient structure when the berries start to bleed during baking.  9/10 in the taste department, though.

In retrospect, I should have splurged for more cupcakes.  Next time perhaps.  Can grab a bite at Baco while I'm there too.  It's just across the street.  Love it when good food is located so close together.  At $3.25 a pop for an XL cupcake, you might as well skip dessert at Baco and come here.

Big Man Bakes Cupcakes
413 Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013