Sunday, November 30, 2008

Punjabi Tandoor

Yeah I know. It's been awhile since I posted something or browsed around other SD food blogs. And no the economy ain't affecting how much money I allocate to eating out. There's just too much on my plate right now. (Ha? I think I just made a funny!)

Really, though. Big life/career decisions coming up for me. Yeah okay none of you care about that. Let's see what I've been eatin':

There's an Indian take-out place called Punjabi Tandoor in Mira Mesa that's been on my To-Dine list for about a year so. I've consulted a few Indian friends about the authenticity/taste of the food, and they gave me the thumbs up.

First visit there, I went with the Combo-for-Two ($21.95), which really oughta be renamed Combo-for-Three:

Veggie Samosas

Naan (w/ butter)

Half of a Tandoori Chicken

HEAPING mound of rice and two large bowls of meat/veggie curry of your choice

Not pictured: Really good Kheer

Like I said. It was a lot of food. I honestly don't even know where to begin when it comes to describing the various tastes and aromas in Indian cuisine, so I'll just post what most Yelpers post: It was yummy. Actually, "yummy" doesn't even do this place justice. Let's go with "mind-blowing".

Dinner was such a great experience that over the next two weeks I made quite a few revisits for lunch. I did not snap photos of each visit, however. Food doesn't look nice photographed in a to-go box.

Here's one of the many Combos:

Even a big eater like me could not finish it all. $7 buys me both lunch and dinner! Sweet.

The only "bad" thing I can say is that the lamb chunks in the Rogan Josh (and possibly other lamb curries) were a tad tough to chew. I have yet to order lamb a second time, but I'll update this post when I do.

Getting here is quite a drive, and the traffic is g'damn irritating. But trust me. It'll be worth it.

Punjabi Tandoor

9235 Activity Road, Suite 111
San Diego, CA 92126

M-F: Lunch 9:30am-3pm Dinner 5-10pm
Sat: 11am - 10pm
Sun: 5 - 10pm


Charlie Fu said...

i'm a fan of this place. Good sized portions and not too pricey. Have you been to Ashaka the Great on Miramar? That's a real tasty lunch buffet

Roger said...

I haven't been to Ashaka yet, but I've heard some pretty positive reviews from friends. With your thumbs up though, I'll definitely have to pay it a visit.

joanh said...

Definitely looks like a good deal for the price. Makes me want to eat some Indian food. :)

joanh said...

ps good luck w/ the big life decisions!!!!

Roger said...

:) Thank you, joan.