Wednesday, January 14, 2009

South Beach Bar and Grill

Been feeling a bit down lately, so I decided to go out for a night of drinking with some friends. Happy hour at South Beach Bar and Grill = awesome $2 tacos. To top it off, Monday nights = all-night happy hour! Eat up!

A pal started off with some fried clam strips, Jose cocktail, and shrimp cocktail. Cocktails were okay. I mean for two bucks it's a real bargain. I especially liked how they give you a dab of real horseradish in the cocktail sauce.

Fried Clam Strips

Don't get these. Rubbery and too much batter. Opt for the fried calamari or baby octopus instead. Also, skip the carne asada fries, which are unremarkable save for the guacamole.

I'm sure there are some good appetizer items on the menu for me to discover or hear about, but the real reason to come to South Beach Bar and Grill is for the tacos.

Oh my god the tacos...

Mini-taco platter: Mahi, Wahoo, Grilled Shrimp, Calamari, and Baja

For $5.48 you can treat yourself out to one great gastronomic experience. These tacos are anything but mini. Compare the limes in the background and fried pollock in the foreground and you can see how big these 'mini' tacos are. Despite all those condiments piled on, the meats come to you piping hot and the fried ones are still crispy! I only had a taste of the Mahi and Baja, and both were really fresh quality fish.

Baja and Mahi Tacos

Same as the mini-taco platter but bigger. No wait, I mean huger. These are freakin' GINORMOUS. I was full after chowing on these and washing it all down with a beer. I had only two eggs and a piece of toast that day too... You'd figure I'd be stuffing myself with three more of these babies. Oh yeah nearly forgot: I think you can tack on rice/beans for a teeny bit more money if you'd like.

Amazing. And to top it all off, the service is surprisingly good and attentive. I'm making the trip to Ocean Beach every other Monday now. Maybe I'll mix it up a bit with 3rd Corner too. See ya guys there!

South Beach Bar and Grill
5059 Newport Ave.
Ocean Beach, CA

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